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I hope she doesn't.

She made it clear she doesn't want to be part of the group since 2012. If she wants to get applauses and cheerings, she must go back to her fashion. This is about music and we will be celebrating it with the girls who like performing. I don't see why she should join the girls - just like Geri didn't join them in Wembley 98. A wave from the stage will be more than enough.
they should ban her, in my opinion. The tour should be Geri, Emma and the Melanies. She's no longer a Spice Girl to me, therefore she shouldn't get a special recognition by coming into the stage for what? more attention? Just no.


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She is still a member of the band, no? She didn’t officially quit or anything as far as I can remember.

TROTSGtour was mentioned, the reason why VB seemed so “hands on” us because she (along with Geri) were the instigators of the tour. Victoria was also the one who had worked with Simon the most (still is, I believe), who was very much in charge of orchestrating the whole thing. I think these are the two main reasons why the 2007/2008 reunion felt handled by Victoria.

I think they all had as much say as they wanted to, tbh.
That was back then, not 2018.

A member of the band/group would have been doing promotions alongside with the other members and you know, appear in the tour poster. Victoria is pretty much a former member just like how when Geri left the group in 1998. How can you say she's still a member when she's simply not appearing with the other members doing Spice Girls stuff?

And Victoria is pretty much over being part of the group. She simply doesnt want to do it anymore. I kinda feel sorry for the other members who are still *hoping* that somehow she changes her mind, when Victoria already gave them the hints/word that she's over it a million times. The end of the 2008 tour, Viva Forever opening night, Gem and now this? She checked out a long time ago.


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I say it because the other 4 have stated in every interview since the launch of the 2019 tour that Victoria is still a part of the group, she just chooses not to perform or sing anymore and the other 4 are ok with that. These are their words.

Geri quit. She left. She resigned. Lawyers and all. Victoria has done nothing of the sort. Comparing it is like comparing apples and oranges.

I for one am glad it’s the girls who decide who is and who isn’t part of the group, and not some random opinionated fan.
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Part of the group when she's practically invisible and not even in spirit as she chose not to be with the group anymore. And the others are just saying positive things to deflect another negative story. I mean look at Mel B's attitude towards Victoria before the tour announcement - the rumors, her Halloween costume, clearly stating that there's one in the group thats been "difficult". This is the group that has had drama between members, even the two Melanies unfollowed each other. So I don't really buy that, "Victoria really support us and she's still part of the group". In reality, Victoria is minding her own business and the other girls will be performing without Victoria. Its not really rainbow and sunshine in Spice World.

And I am not forcing you to believe in whatsoever, this is a forum first and foremost when its free for members to voice our opinion about the group, and I'm merely speaking for myself, not for the group. Anyway, go ahead and act like Victoria is in the group, you just won't see her in every show that they will be doing next year.
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Just because Vic has decided to s(h)it this one out doesn't mean that she's permanently out of the Spice Girls. Like stated, they said themselves that Victoria is "still very much part of the group" just not this round (and probably never again) but still that doesn't mean she has officially quit the group as a member.

(and secretly I'm dying for her to show up at my gig. Last Wembley night :p lol )