Hello everybody! this is such a great idea. I used to read denden since the beginning but never posted (my english is not that good... so) but I think this is a special momento :D I prefer a forum instead facebook. So thanks for this :)


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It is great a new forum is born ! Happy to be wih you once again and be part of the fantastic fanbase of the incredible Spice Girls !
What a great idea! Thank you! Facebook is so evanescent. This forum will help us share news, media and reports. And I love seeing so many familiar faces and (nick)names. Well done, guys, and thank you again! <3
New in this forum. I am from Morocco and it got me a lot to find such a dedicated forum for Spice Girls. I am a really fan. Today I got my visa UK for the first time so as to attend the concert in Manchester. I am really happy!
Wish u all the best spicies :love::love:
Hi everyone! I haven’t been on a SG forum since Spice Zone, although I did lurk around in the shadows of Denden to at least keep up occasionally. Thought I’d be more social this time around.