ARTICLE The Sun: Mel B Wants Spice Girls to accept big money deal for LV residency


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I can’t see this happening to be honest. I’m sure they’re wanted (and it wouldn’t surprise me if Melvin B was the initiator of this), but there’s no way Mel C would want to go to Las Vegas for longer periods, neither would Geri accept being away from her family for that long (and Christian’s too busy to go there with her all the time), and for her kids’ sake I doubt Emma would do it (even though she’d probably be up for it if it came down to her).
They all have young kids and various side projects so I highly doubt they'd uproot their lives like that for a long-term residency. I could see them doing a London residency a la Kate Bush, but that would still mean Mel B would have to move her family from the US back to the UK... I don't know. I could see them doing a limited run type of residency (I think Bruno Mars did something like that a few years back?), maybe in the summer, so they don't disrupt their children's routines too much. I don't see them doing this kind of stuff until their kids are all older and they can move around more freely. And I'd rather them not go to Vegas since it's really crowded. If they did something London, it would stand out a lot more, I think. But I highly doubt there's any likelihood of this rumour being/becoming a reality