PROMO The Jonathan Ross Show - Interview (Saturday 10th November)


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This week on The Jonathan Ross Show, in a TV exclusive, Emma Bunton, Mel B, Mel C and Geri Horner will be chatting together on the sofa. Plus, the hilarious John Bishop, and international pop icon Kylie Minogue, who'll also be performing a duet with Jack Savoretti.
Set to air on Saturday 10th November on ITV, 10:05pm - 11:10pm!

It'll be filmed on Wednesday evening.


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I got so swept up in the reunion news, I totally forgot they'll be on telly on Saturday!! More good stuff to come!! :D


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I suspect there is more to come.

The promo plan seems legit and on point. A bit localized to UK but that's fine - the online promo for social media was really smart, and it seems there's already billboards and big ads popping up all over already.

So I suspect that this is being managed well which means we should expect this to build in a really fine tune way between now and June.
Summary of JR Show:
- They said no additional dates for now (it turned into a joke that mel b can t keep a secret) - obv there will be more dates
- if there would be more dates , they like to tour the US (and joked about japan in reference to mentioning them doing TOTP in japan in 1996)
- when asked to sing, geri suggested singing ' we are gonna make it happen' - then it all turned awkward, mel c didnt want to sing this song. they showed a clip of raw spice - geri was 'aww'ing like a mother watchign videos of her kids lol
-no new music for now, mel b said she likes to - but the rest of the girls said no for now . geri said she likes this come organiscally rather than pushed.
- they have a tshirt for charity empowering women - plain white shirt with #iwannabeaspicegirl in arial font . lazy ass job if you ask me.
-when talking about this charity , melbs marriage was mentioned, johnathan ross said that he met stephen before and he thought he was a prick ( i hope this gets aired lol)
-same as radio interviews : spoke about how the reunion came about etc..
- mel b called emma bitch because she was taking selfies without her lol ( this was off camera)
Off topic: kylie minogue was absolutely stunning and super nice and lovely with the girls, when cameras went off and she had to go to prepare to perform, she went around to every single girl to say bye, she even made her way between make up artist to say by to emma and mel b. during the performance take (she had to repeat it twice, she thanked the girl for hanging around while she re-performs her song). she's super nice!
- ByKarim