Success without Victoria!

No. I've been asking for this 4piece back in 2012. I don't care if "I don't wanna be here" Spice isn't included. They still have majority of the group.

Victoria always came across as member #5 in their heyday. She's only really more popular than GEMM because of David Beckham and the public loves celebrity couples. Though how ironic that she can't even produce a successful solo album amd and she's the only who didn't have a #1 solo single. Just lol.

And just because she has more $ than the other women doesn't make her above them. Kim Kardashian makes a lot more money than you know people with actual talent.


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I’m surprised. Pleasently so.

It goes without saying that Victoria was the Return Of The Spice Girls Tour. Anyone who attended will testify that Victoria has the biggest cheers whenever she was on that stage.

But good on the others for pulling this off. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it.
Surprised, but it’s exactly what I was hoping for. There’s an energy that the Spice Girls provide when they’re together. It’s like the world is a better place. Evidently, Victoria not being there doesn’t taint that energy at all.
I was not surprise at all considering that they were still big without Geri at the time, so why not without Posh now? (still all 5 is better :( )