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Midnight Miss Suki

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Dear Spice Pen Girls And Boys,
As the tour is around the corner, :cool:
the rehearsals started, and the vibe among us Circle A of fans is getting hyped,
A thought we had months ago of giving the community a more simple name "SpiceCircle" was brought up again.
Some of us are used to consume our Spice material like it was 20 years ago, and since there are so many social media accounts that relate to the girls: 20 dancers, the girls, some of their relatives, people on production and tour;
Special exclusive footage from the 1998 tour will also be shared.
And when the tour begins, footage and documentation from all venues.
This will the account to follow to stay up to date with what is happening before, and during the tour.

@SpiceCircle - 'Spice Girls Legacy' Social Media

Fancy posting on those accounts which are connected to the forums?
Write a Private Message.

Midnight Miss Suki

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It’s related, no competating.
The whole concept of the IG account is to give real time updates of the tour and the girls.
Not to try and be a better anything.

But to your question, I and many of us did hope that the traffic on DD2 will move to the forum.