ANNOUNCEMENT Spice World 2019 Tour - Tickets on sale now

I do wish I found someone to swap with, 2nd Manchester Spice Circle for last Wembley date. I know it’s still months away but it’s my only glitch in schedule and it’s driving me mad this morning.


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I'm a bit worried! I bought row 19, seat 68. But while looking at the seat plan for Wembley it dont look like the rows even have 68 seats :O

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USA! According to the girls’ Instastory, they are coming to the US! Preferably July because Mel B will be working on AGT that month.
Where does it say that? Yes I agree it’s likely there will be US dates, but a picture of the girls with a UK and US flag doesn’t explicitly say that. It could just be a picture like many others they have shared this week.