Should ‘Spice World 2019’ Tour have had been another name?

Should ‘Spice World 2019’ Tour have had been another name?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 22 68.8%
  • No.

    Votes: 10 31.3%

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Let’s make creative, post your own ideas! I think ‘Spice World 2019’ it’s ok, but very basic and unimaginative.

These are my contributions:

- Colours Of The World Tour: I think the promotional pic could had been fit great with a title like this.

- Say You’ll Be There Tour: The concept, the message, the classic.

- Reinvention Tour: New era. A celebration with new image.
What about "Bricklayer Spice Tour"
Love this one!

Back to Spiceworld would have been cool, but I’m happy with Spiceworld 2019 as I’ve always loved the Spiceworld name. Always thought a third spice album should have continued the theme something like Spice Invaders or Spice Zone etc
Viva 4ever are people serious with that? It's ridiculously tacky, also they are obviously ok with being 4 but it's not like the tour name needs to reflect it.

Spice world fits fine, the only other name I would have thought would work is 'The never give up on the good times tour' but it is a mouthful.