TOUR SPOILER Set-list spoilers!


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And I always thought VBs voice was a little pushy on this one! And as Geri was all about rapping and probably on the “who’s having that rap line” argument, lol, she’s fitting perfectly there to replace VB!

I can see how the whole number winks the recent headlines
I do hope they do Love Thing! That would be amazing. But let's not jump into conclusions because of music that dancers put on social media, if they are not directly from rehearsals. Like, the official instagram account put a clip of 'Outer Space Girls' a couple of weeks ago, that doesnt mean the song will be performed lol.

But I am here for Love Thing!! I was quite sad it was missing from the Return tour in 2007 tbh! That tour really missed out on some amazing album tracks that deserved a good outing!