Role Call!

Name: Kit
Former DenDen Name: crashworld/wildhope
Age: 33
Location: Singapore
Favourite Spice Girl: Emma
Fun Fact: That's for me to know, for you to find out. :p;)


Active member
Name: Andreas
Former DenDen Name: Andreas (you know this bitch only goes by one name).
Age: 33
Location: Oslo
Favourite Spice Girl: As a whole I’d have to say Geri. As of right now I’d say Victoria.
Fun Fact: I really am actually quite nice when push comes to shove.
Name: Francesco
Former DenDen Name: Babyboy
Age: 34
Location: Naples, Italy
Favourite Spice Girl: Emma
Fun Fact: I tried to catch Emma down at the radio station and a paparazzi said to me "She is on holiday".
Name: Nora
Former DenDen Name: Nora_MC
Age: 29
Location: Amsterdam (Used to be London, and US before that)
Favourite Spice Girl: Melanie C and Ginger
Fun Fact: I was the one behind this puppet. Can't believe it's been 10 years(!) already.

Name: Ashley
Former DenDen Name: Argylespice
Age: 27
Location: California
Favourite Spice Girl: Geri
Fun Fact: I normally use Spice Girls as my fun fact! But the ROTSG date that I went to was a week before my 17th birthday - I hardly remembered I had a birthday coming up that year!

I’m not sure if you all will even remember me - I was posting quite a lot for a while and then became a major lurker. Hopefully I’ll talk more this time around :)
Fun Fact: I have an Emmy Award.
That’s amazing! Is that recent?
I won last September for Editing on RuPaul's Drag Race. I was nominated again this year as well, but we lost to Queer Eye (which to me is a lame shadow of it's former self - and think it won just cos it was buzzy - but maybe I'm just bitter because I was much more proud of my work in the nominated episode than the one I won for)


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Name: Sandi
Former DenDen Name: Sandi (I think :LOL:)
Age: 35
Location: Slovenia
Favourite Spice Girl: Victoria (always and forever)
Fun Fact: I went to see the Return of the SG tour and it was my first ever plane ride - and I was alone :D
Name: Miguel
Former DenDen Name: Also Miguel
Age: 35
Location: Maturín, Venezuela
Favourite Spice Girl: Victoria
Fun Fact: I got to be the top 1 poster at the offical Victoria Beckham Message Board. Also, in my first trip to London on 2009, I got lost looking for Melanie C's House and never found it! XD