Role Call!


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Well well guys. It's been a while. :)

Guessing many of us are former DenDeners and maybe Dotmusic crew.

As we start a new era together. Let's remind ourselves of who we are and who we used to be!

Let me kick this off:

Name: Adam
Former DenDen Name: Adam (also formerly Miss Pansy)
Age: 32
Location: London
Favourite Spice Girl: Geri
Fun Fact: I will keep this clean to start with... Haha, I totally got to the secret audition stage of UK teenage Big Brother when I was 16! I didn't make it!

PS It's good to be home.


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Name: Tamir
Former DenDen Name: Tamir (also formerly SpicyBeat)
Age: 35
Location: Tel Aviv / Cape Town
Favourite Spice Girl: This question is not simple anymore! I will say Geri because in the role of a SPICE GIRL she is my favourite one.
Fun Fact: I maintain the social medial to Dana International. :eek:


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Name: Stian
Former DenDen Name: Fenrik (and the same time :devilish: )
Age: 34
Location: Oslo
Favourite Spice Girl: Geri
Fun Fact: I am super obsessed with score music
Haha! Sneaky way to admit to aliasing. That's hilarious omg I love Fenrik.


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Name: Norm
Former DenDen Name: Norman/the norm
Age: 33
Location: London
Favourite Spice Girl: Geri
Fun Fact: I am also obsessed with (and known by) Bananarama.
Name: Megan
Former DenDen Name: megzluvsmelc
Age: 32
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Favourite Spice Girl: Melanie C
Fun Fact: I went to the UK to see Melanie C live in concerts. :)


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Name: Jonathan
Former DenDen Name: jcmantaray
Age: 34
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Favourite Spice Girl: Melanie C (used to be Scary Spice in their heyday)
Fun Fact: Back in 2010, I won a Mel B website competition and met her for tea and biscuits in New York


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Name: Paul
Former DenDen Name: Paul
Age: 32
Location: Birmingham, UK
Favourite Spice Girl: Melanie C
Fun Fact: I spent Eurovision this year dressed as frozen Jack from Titanic.

Good to be here!


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Name: Jamie
Former DenDen Name: I had many. Keisha, Eeyore, Bolt, Jamie...basically you all hated me.
Age: "Am I always going to be known as Baby Spice, the sweet and innocent one, even when I'm..."
Location: Manchester
Favourite Spice Girl: Victoria.
Fun Fact: Not many people know this, but I got to go to Vegas and meet Britney Spears.
Name: Rex
Former DenDen Name: rexyspice
Age: 43
Location: Toronto
Favourite Spice Girl: Melanie C / Geri (it flips regularly haha)
Fun Fact: I put an album out as an indie artist under my "spice" name as above (and here), but my own music is more of a punk/folk/pop hybrid.
Name: Jason
Former DD Nick: ...FunkyFresh...
Age: 32
Location: Texas
Favorite Spice: always been Mel B, aka Melanie B, Mel G, Melanie Brown, Sophisticated Lady, Bitch
Fun Fact: I'm a Pastry Chef