Pick your Top 3 Melanie C solo songs you want to see live at the 2019 tour...


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Wonder if she’s gonna sing any songs from her latest album, that she promoted under the slogan “I was bullied when I was in the Spice Girls”...

I would like to hear:
- Anymore
- Northern Star
- Think About It (7th Heaven Club Mix)

but somehow I don’t think that’s gonna happen lol


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To be honest I hope they don't do solo stuff, would rather hear Spice album tracks. Also because I don't really want to hear the other girls doing a solo tbh...

If they opted to I would rather Melanie changed up and do 'Northern Star ahead if the 20th anniversary OR did 'Anymore' which is a tune.
Let’s be realistic any solo moments are going to be hits not fan favourites so the likes of Think about it and Anymore (as fab as they are) will not be performed.

I turn to you
Never be the same again
I turn to you
Northern star

Are basically her options...