Will Geri release some new/old music after the Spice Tour?
I hope with this Tour she come back to music again and not given up....


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Even if she's the one I love the most, I think she has nothing inspirational to offer as solo artist at this moment. She took her artist side too seriously IMO
I really really hope she will. I know there's a huge amount of unreleased material in existence and I'd love a new album even if it meant just releasing that rather than writing new stuff. But I totally get that she wants to focus on being a Mum at this time, and with Monty at the age he is she should. But I'm (not so) secretly hoping that during this reunion tour she'll totally re-fall in love with music, performing, and writing, and it'll be the push she needs to start putting new music out again. Her music is inspiring and totally gorgeous, it quite literally saved my life and I need more.
After leaking Man on the mountain I was waiting for a movement like Madonna did with Rebel Heart. After 2 weeks of leaks she decided to release 6 of the tracks officially on Itunes, and when in february was the second update she added 3 new songs.