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New Album / Greatest Hits (2 disc set?)

When looking at the new album Emma is working on -
do you think she should release a double album including a Greatest Hits in the style of Olly Murs?

Maybe a resurgence of her past hits combined with the Spice buzz would really do well for her - what do you think?

That way Promo for the album can be her singing older hits as well as newer ones.
she has 11 singles including the smash hit, I Know Him So Well. She needs like 2 to 4 new songs for a greatest hits album.

However, outside of the Spice Club, there won't a demand to this even if its a full album.


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I think the number of tracks wouldn't be an issue - considering Olly Murs' latest had 12 tracks on the standard edition and then 14 on the deluxe

I'd imagine:

1 - 12 New Tracks

CD2: Greatest / The Singles
1. What I Am
2. What Took You So Long?
3. Take My Breath Away
4. We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight
5. Free Me
6. Maybe
7. I'll Be There
8. Crickets
9. Down Town
10. All I Need to Know
11. I Know Him So Well (Duet with Melanie C)
12. 2 Become 1 (Acoustic version)
13. Emma Megamix / Remix of a single
I don't see this happening myself - it isn't cost effective. Perhaps Universal might chuck out a "best of Emma Bunton" playlist/release though if the new album does well, as I believe they hold the rights to all of her albums.


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Does anyone release greatest hits anymore ? they have become utterly redundant in the age of streems x
True. Big artists can get away with it because they literally have a whole album worth of real solid worldly hits. But Emma... of course I like her music and she did have a few successes, but does the world want that?
Does anyone release greatest hits anymore ? they have become utterly redundant in the age of streems x
that is such a good point... there's aboslutely no point in releasing a compilation album nowadays unless it comes with a twist like a revisited version of the songs, or a remixed greatest hits, or as a form of duets... i dont know
Greatest hits or a full album, she will struggle to sell. And unlike Mel C, this is gonna be under a major record label, most likely, this would end up like the post 2007 record deals that Geri and Mel B got, lots of songs recorded and no album, not even an EP.