Mariah Carey

New album CAUTION out Nov 16!

I really liked GTFO and With You. Excited for this new album.
All though disappointed it only has 10 tracks, lol!


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I didn't realise she had a new one coming out! She hasn't made a consistent album for years... But I do enjoy hearing her and her albums do have the odd 'fab' song.

I saw her Christmas show last year at the O2... Hahahaha, it was AWFUL. I have never not enjoyed a concert. That one I did not enjoy. It was so bad, it was bad - not even funny.


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Really enjoying the four songs we've got from this era so far! GTFO is my favourite. I feel like that would have had greater potential than With You as lead single, if it had a cleaner edit for radio.


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I can't believe there's only 10 tracks - is she a Spice Girl now? I know the album is out in two weeks, but we've heard 40% of the album with The Distance and A No No. That said, all four tracks have been incredible and I'm excited for the album.
I'm actually not a fan of the last two songs. But still excited for the rest of the album!
This will be released on the same day as Michael Bublé's new album though....
(not that I expect her to have a #1 album again, lol)
I'm excited. Not a fan of With You but I'm liking the other tracks. I don't mind 10 tracks, just as long as they're strong songs. I'd rather have that than 17 tracks with piss poor filler. There will also be a bonus track for Japan.