POLL Favorite song/s from Life in Mono

What's your favorite?

  • All I Need to Know

  • Life in Mono

  • Mischievous

  • Perfect Strangers

  • He Loves Me Not

  • I Wasn't Looking (When I Found Love)

  • Take Me to Another Town

  • Undressing You

  • I'm Not Crying Over Yesterdays

  • All That You'll Be

  • Downtown

  • Something Tells Me (Something's Going to Happen)

  • Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

  • Por Favor

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This was so hard! The whole album up till (and including) All That You'll Be is perfect. The 4 covers, including Downtown are so pointless and boring...


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I love "I'm Not Crying Over Yesterdays" Love the themes and message. Proper empowerment without the brash in your face beat
and All That You'll Be is just beautiful