ARTICLE Emma Relaunching her solo career through BMG Records

God. So she had 2007 to 2018, to release a 4th album and its just a coincidence that shes "releasing" her 4th album in the year that the Spice Girls are touring after 11 years.... She can keep the album. Geri and Mel B couldn't release an album after how many times they went to a recording studio, because there wasn't really a demand for it and weren't they signed to a major record label as well? Even her duet with Mel C didn't have much success.

the thing is being part of the Spice Girls should be their priority. No one wants a new Emma album except for her die hard fans. They haven't released a new studio album as a group for 18 long years, and given that the Greatest Hits is still charting and people are racing to get a ticket for the tour. They are better off working as a group in terms of making new music, that would be interesting to hear than to witness another flop solo album campaign.
I think if we have to point fingers, I would say Victoria and Mel C. The other three managed to record songs with Eliot Kennedy when those two bailed out. Flash forward to 2018, Mel C agreed to another reunion yet suddenly there's no new music?