ARTICLE DAILYMAIL: Spice Girls reunion: Pop stars break into a heated ARGUMENT about Victoria Beckham during comeback interview on The Jonathan Ross Show


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Spice Girls reunion: Pop stars break into a heated ARGUMENT about Victoria Beckham during comeback interview on The Jonathan Ross Show
By Andrew Bullock For Mailonline

On Wednesday night, the recently-reformed Spice Girls taped an episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, promoting their comeback.

And naturally, the subject of Victoria Beckham's decision to sit out the reunion was broached by the chat show host, causing a ripple of disagreement between band members Geri Horner, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Mel B.

Addressing the matter first, Mel C said: 'Do you know what is actually quite funny… I saw Victoria recently and obviously we’ve all been in contact, she is still very much a part of the Spice Girls, she really supports us and we really support her.

'But she did raise the point that she was never actually asked. We just presumed.'

This caused an interjection from Emma, in disagreement to Mel, insisting that she was indeed asked.
'She just didn’t want to do it… She was busy with her fashion and she has moved on.

'The philosophy of us lot is that we are a band, on and off the stage and we care each other, we support each other and we support her and she has been a huge part of our lives and we care about her so it’s all good.'

Geri added: 'I spoke to her two days ago, before the announcement, and she has said it for years that she just doesn’t want to do it anymore, so we knew that.'

Since the girls' last reformation - 2012's performance at the London Olympic Games closing ceremony - rumours have swirled about the band's potential reformation for a full tour, sparking further whisperings that Victoria was never a fan of performing.

Geri cleared this matter up when asked by Jonathan: 'No, and you don’t want to make somebody do something they don’t want to do.'

'We realised that a while back that she didn’t enjoy that so much,' Emma agreed.

Mel B addressed her Halloween costume last week, which seemed to make a dig at Posh Spice. She dressed up as her for the festivities, brandishing a sign that read: 'No I Am Not Going On Tour!'

'I just have a northern sense of humour and it’s very tongue-in-cheek and I really enjoyed being Victoria for the night,' Scary Spice said.

The girls also cleared up that Victoria has given them their seal of approval, with Geri adding that 'the door is always open' should she wish to be involved going forward.

This prompted a joke from Jonathan: 'What is the night [of the tour] I should come when Victoria is going to be on stage with you?'

The rest of the girls joked: 'Sunderland!'

Mel B went on to express how much she'd like Victoria to reconsider.

'I’m always hopeful,' she said. 'I love the Spice Girls, they are my girls and I would love nothing better than all five of us to be together so I always put it out there but I’m happy with four too.'

'We are going to have a great time, this feels really strong,' Emma said.

The girls also revealed details of their Spice Girls WhatsApp group, explaining how they had to keep things top secret.

'There was a code,' Geri explained, with Emma adding: 'Gifs, we had some fun things going on.'

'Gifs of ourselves!' Mel B laughed.

Mel C added: 'There are loads of Spice Girls gifs and I only noticed this the other day. It’s quite fun to send them to each other… In my house we did have a code for Spice Girls because I was so paranoid. Because I’m a good girl, and I do as I’m told, and so I kept the secret.

'My little girl said "Mummy, why don’t you call it Cucumber?" So any time I spoke about Spice Girls it was called "Cucumber". And then at the other end of the spectrum, Melanie B just went on national TV and said we were doing it.'

On whether Mel B’s lack of discretion annoyed the other girls, Mel B joked: 'They felt sorry for me because I’d been through a lot, they felt sorry for me, they were like, "let’s not have a go at her".'

Geri added: 'The brilliant thing about us lot is it’s like family. We have been together over 20 years and we have our ups and downs just like normal families, and sometimes we disagree but the best thing about it is a couple of nights ago we were in my kitchen, we all came together and we just had a really big group hug, a little bit of a tear, a scream, it’s been a long time coming, we’ve wanted this to happen.

'I have to say Melanie B and Emma from 2012 have been trying to make this happen. For different reasons, everybody is at different places in their life and finally the stars aligned.

'We went round to Mel [C]’s house and she went, "Yeah I’m ready" and we were like, "Great, let’s do it".'

Mel C elaborated: 'I have said there have been times when it hasn’t felt right and I think after the Olympics, because it was such a highlight of being a Spice Girl, I was frightened that we couldn’t live up to that and spending time with the girls again, I just thought, "Do you know what, I really want to do it".

'We’ve got amazing fans, really incredible fans that have supported us throughout. Not only as the Spice Girls, in all of our individual ventures. And now we have a new generation [of fans], our own children…'

Emma added: 'Our own children are so excited… I think our kids are going to absolutely love it. Mine are getting their mics out and singing along to Spice Girls songs.'

On being a Spice Girl now she’s older - and her famous Union Jack dress - Geri said: 'When you’re younger, I don’t think you think about whether it’s appropriate or not and that dress was a Gucci black dress and I was thinking, "Let’s be patriotic and be proud of Britain" and I just got a tea towel and sewed it on there.

On whether Geri might cover up more now she’s older, Mel B revealed: 'She still walks around naked when we are in the dressing room…'

Jonathan broached the infamous subject of when Geri quit the band in 1998.

'I think when you’re younger, you don’t have the tools to - when you’re together all the time - to sort things through,' Geri mused. 'I think credit to us lot, we’re still talking and we work through things, the ups and the downs.'

'We always come back together,' Emma added.

And indeed, Geri made her return to the band in 2007/2008s global Return Of The Spice Girls world tour. After leaving in 1998, the girls continued without her, releasing their third album as a four-piece, titled Forever.

On becoming a global phenomenon and the stress that added to the band, Emma said: 'Being away from home, that was difficult, but having each other made it so much easier. We were girls having fun, we were travelling all over the world.'

'I used to sneak out of the hotel and go clubbing by myself, as a Spice Girl. Then I’d come back in and we’d have early interviews,' Mel B added.

Jonathan was keen to know whether their reformation meant new music.

'I think it’s got to be an organic process,' said Geri. 'If something happened and we felt like it. We think first things first, get out there and sing the hits, people want to hear that and if something else happened, that’s great.'

'Let’s put it this way, when I go to a concert - let’s say Madonna - I just want her to sing Vogue, all the hits that I know.'

'We are really passionate about writing our music though so it’s a process and we haven’t gone there,' Emma added.

In response to the rumours that the band are reforming just for the money, Geri explained: 'From the beginning of our journey 20 years ago, we have always put what we believe and love first.

'When you earn money, and this is a privilege, that’s a by product of what you do. We are doing it wholeheartedly, we can honestly say for each other because it’s a bit of fun but also for the fans. We have been asked so much.'

Mel B was sure to joke: 'There’s no denying, it will help with my lawyers bills!'

Scary Spice has suffered much public drama over the past couple of years, crediting the comeback tour as a way of helping her get through it.

'I’ve got my girls, I’ll be okay,' she said. 'I feel very loved and very supported and I feel very lucky to be back in contact the way that I have always wanted to be, because for a long time I couldn’t be during my ex-marriage. Thank you ladies!'

Emma also talked about how she was late to the Spice Girls party, with Geri recalling: 'There was somebody in the band before Emma… There’s always one that didn’t make it. The point is we found our member.'

On whether there are any plans to tour internationally after their UK tour dates, Mel B teased: 'It’ll be all over the world!'

Reining her bandmate in, Geri said: 'The thing is, it’ll be one step at a time. We’ve got families and we want to do it for the fans.

'We’re going to do Britain, it’s our home, it’s where we started and Britain means the world to us. We care about our fans, we want to celebrate, let’s see what happens.'

The Jonathan Ross Show will air on Saturday night, on ITV, at 10:05PM.