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she went back to it for Call my name. She can do it again.
To be picky, it was actually Crazy Stupid Love that she went back to "Cheryl Cole"! She was "Cheryl" for A Million Lights/Call My Name/Under The Sun.

When she launched Crazy Stupid Love in June 2014, Cole was still her legal name which she had kept after divorcing Ashley. That's why she was able to use it at that point (although to me it seemed to be a bit of a weird choice to revert back to her ex-husband's name, after being "Cheryl" in 2012).

She married Fernandez-Versini in July 2014 (incidentally in the same month she released the single), so it was at this point that she lost Cole as a name. For the releases of I Don't Care and Only Human, she went back to "Cheryl".

Obviously since then she divorced, and her name is Cheryl Tweedy (maiden name). Evidently she's decided to stick with simply "Cheryl" for Love Made Me Do It, which I'd say is sensible. Anyway, there's no logic to her ever releasing as Cheryl Cole again.


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The song is awesome!! And its currently #1 on UK iTunes!! Hope this will land her another #1!!
Even though it's great that she got to #1 on iTunes, she's not going to get the streaming required to get anyway near that position officially! I wouldn't be surprised if her official entry position ended up being somewhere in the 30s area. We'll see!
New single is **** to say the least. Sorry that she took 4 years to release new music, but she's not gonna have a hit anymore. Though being part of Girls Aloud and earning 5 #1 solo singles are something to be proud of. Just a shame she wasted her momentum with this long break.
Satan used her vanity to tempt her from her path , being the weak minded fool that she is it didn,t take much and having her looks destroyed is her divine punishment her soul is forever tarnished the repugnant slattern she wants stoning x