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I'm so pumped for this!

Rumoured promo:
09/11 - Release
Hits radio / radio 1 play
18/11 - X Factor performance

Michael McIntyre's Big Show (Performance and 'Send to all')
Hit's Concert Performance
Jingle Bell ball Performance


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After the teaser I kinda expected more of a dancey vibe but I like it and the more I listen to it, the more I love it. The video is cool the only thing is I think she looks like she had some fillers in her lips (at least the top lip), too bad cause she is so naturally stunning.


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The song is awesome!! And its currently #1 on UK iTunes!! Hope this will land her another #1!! did she do to herself???
Why do perfect looking women do this? Dont they know they automatically looks like 25 years older or something?