Chart Updates (iTunes / Spotify etc)

Monday Midweeks
#22 - Greatest Hits
#75 - Spice
#131 - Spiceworld


Sadly a lack of physical sales is really letting down the Greatest Hits down. It's the 5th best selling download of the week so far, and also the 19th most streamed album. Whereas of the 200 albums in the midweeks, it's only the 96th best selling physical.

Greatest Hits is still #1 on iTunes! :D
So this week the streams improved a lot and it's easy to see a huge jump from 69, considering the downloads weer still a lot last week.... Could be very nice to break top20 again
I can't believe the GH is still #1 on iTunes, what a real result. I know they posted when it hit #6, but surely the official accounts should be shouting from the rooftops about this? I think a soft re-issue for the supermarkets could do really well.
I think they didn't expect the response to be so good. It's great to be honest. I am so glad they did all the interviews they could and be very visible.
Well done, Girls!!!
Well done !! Can't believe it's happening again ! So great ! A friend of mine is impressed they reach number 1 and sold 700 000 tickets in few minutes ! Spice is back and that's want we want, what we really really want !
We just hope they can sustain the top 5 placing on iTunes till this Thursday, which likely could get them into top 20 I guess?
I just hope the streaming will help them since physical sales are hard to come by if the stores don't stock them or have ready stock.
Tuesday Update: Number 3 on iTunes

No.1 - The Annual 2019: Ministry of Sound
No.2 - A Star is Born - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
No.3 - Greatest Hits - Spice Girls