Brutally Honest - OPINION


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Has anyone read the book and what do you think of it? I read a few chapters and I love it, it's really gripping. But I did find one mistake in the book, saying Geri left the Spice girls in 1988 :D


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I didn't read it, but I listened to it. Bought the audiobook.

I think the book is honest, to the extent of what Melanie believes really happened. We'll never know, and who are we to judge? It's a point of view of what happened. Quite a nice surprise to have a chapter from Phoenix, reading it herself. Even tho is one of the saddest parts of the book, where we have an idea of how it all inflicted the children, it's also a highlight.

Really liked the experience of listening to it. It really felt like it was Mel talking to me. The actress did an excellent job, made me teary at some points. I don't know if Mel B had an input there, but if she did, EXCELLENT choice. It even sounds like Melanie at some points. Truly, excellent. No other word for it.

If you didn't get the audiobook, do it. It's worthy.