POLL Are You Going? Spice World Tour 2019

Are you planning to attend the tour?

  • Yes

    Votes: 47 77.0%
  • No

    Votes: 4 6.6%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 10 16.4%

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Definitely! Will be aiming for Coventry and Wembley. If they add more dates, I'd possibly be crazy and do one more date at Wembley.
Full steam ahead. I am fortunate and at a place in my life where I can afford it, and it'll bring me some real joy. They'll always mean the world to me and if they tour, I'll always do what I can to get there, and seeing them on their own turf would be an experience in itself- and I could say I was there.
I will have to sell my body if I have to. I missed the first reunion, I miss London and Ive met some great spice friends tru whatsapp, got to make it live
I saw four ROTSG’s in total (including the last show with MC’s last backflip lmao), so I was gonna wait to see if/when they announce NA dates instead. Without the promise of new material it seems a bit much to arrange travel plans and all that stuff for 4 girls :/ ... but my bff really wants to try for tickets and worry about plane tix and accommodation later lol. So I left it up to him. We’ll see!
Yes I am going as I live in the UK. Just need to work out which tickets to go for, really wish there was a seating plan before hand so you could see what seats to go for as I can't afford the top top price but I do want a view at the same time as it's such a huge stadium. I'm not going if I am stood at the back unable to see a thing.


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I think we're all planning to go, it's just going to be can we get tickets! Haha. (I laugh, but I'm terrified at the same time...)