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  1. Fulvio84

    Victoria reportedly signed up for a performance on the 14th June at Wembley

    I dont' beliebe it but I am very happy that's the date I will attend...just in case :D
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    In the end I was able to doanload in good qaulity u can download here
  3. Fulvio84


    anyone able to download them in good quality?
  4. Fulvio84

    New single, "You're All I Need to Get By" with Jade Jones, out now

    I dont like it that much, the other 2 tracks are much better than this
  5. Fulvio84

    The Jess Glynne support act thing...

    honestly, I dont care
  6. Fulvio84

    "Baby Please Don't Stop" (Official music video)

    I like it, as I said on fb, reminds me of Half of me video but better done.
  7. Fulvio84


    On the card odn't make me happy to have 8 covers but actually I have to say that all the ones they have done before (exept of STAGES) are good, specially emma's bcs she always makes them in her own way. Very curious for 2b1 and 1st single is good.
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    Let's discuss about Emm'as new record MY HAPPY PLACE, that will be out on April New official website
  9. Fulvio84

    Success without Victoria!

    I was not surprise at all considering that they were still big without Geri at the time, so why not without Posh now? (still all 5 is better :( )
  10. Fulvio84

    New? ROTSG Professional Footage?!

    after been in London for so long and made shows in Las vegas or at Madison square garden in NY and even been in toronto who was the spice city.... where could they film it then? even a mix of different nights to match the best records could have worked...anyway that's the way it is :(
  11. Fulvio84

    New? ROTSG Professional Footage?!

    it was super usual at the time to release dvd for big tours, I think every popstar at the time was releasing lots of dvd, I cant believe that such a reunion was not properly filmed/released. it has been a really stupid thing from managment. I was also expecting a kind of memorial book similar to...
  12. Fulvio84

    New Music coming Feb 22nd

    OH MY GOD! finally !!!!!
  13. Fulvio84

    ARTICLE Check out the Spice Girls’ latest post on Instagram/Twitter...

    It's gonna be an amazing show and different from the reunion tour
  14. Fulvio84

    POLL Favorite song/s from Life in Mono

    I totally love Perfect STrangers
  15. Fulvio84

    Melanie will be appearing on RTL Chartshow

    I hope to get the video soon :D
  16. Fulvio84

    Alex Christensen, The Berlin Orchestra & Melanie C | Don't Talk Just Kiss

    love both tracks. I hope her covers album will sund like this
  17. Fulvio84

    Mel B injured—NYC signing cancelled! :o

    I hope this will not delay any of the tour dates bcs I already paid for tickets, flights and hotel :O
  18. Fulvio84

    ARTICLE Emma Relaunching her solo career through BMG Records

    This is such a surprise. I really hope will be a serious project and not just like MelB and Geri. Emma solo music is my fav after Geri's, so I am super happy bout it
  19. Fulvio84

    FAN THEORY CIN performance coming?

    ahahah yes, I tought the same