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  1. RexySpice

    Mel B injured—NYC signing cancelled! :o

  2. RexySpice

    There’s always one...

    This makes, like, zero sense. But FWIW here’s the full load of shit: :poop: . . ___________ Spice Girls Tour In Trouble: Ticket Sales Crash & Mel B Blames Victoria Scary Spice says Beckham should have joined the group! Radar Staff Dec 4, 2018 @ 6:08AM The Spice Girls tour may be over...
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    Brutally Honest - OPINION

    88, 98. Can’t be more than a clerical typo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    New Shoot!

    Yeah, I suspect as much too. I bet they did a whole slew of photo sets with different outfits in the same studio on the same day, and they’re just going to release different manifestations of it little by little to the public. Hope there are at least a couple more actual genuine photoshoots...
  5. RexySpice

    New Shoot!

    I wonder if they might be planning for a cover of Vogue... the SONG!? :love:
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    RUMOUR Spice Girls set to announce Australian Tour next week?

    Hot take: I’m sick of them using their families as an excuse. It doesn’t seem to be very “girl power” to me—“oh, we’d totally do it but we’re completely chained to the kitchen with mouths to feed!” Uh, no. Other (FEMALE) performers like P!nk go on massive world tours on the regular and still...
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    Victoria had Geri’s Wannabe line “If you really bug me then I’ll say goodbye”. Discuss

    It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, that line. Whoever sings it is thusly cursed :p
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    Pick your Top 3 Mel B solo songs you want to see live at the 2019 tour...

    To be fair, "When You're Gone" is technically Bryan Adams' song and it is already a duet. He's even been known to replace her on a whim for compilations, as we all know :p
  9. RexySpice

    TABLOID LOL: “Mel B's ex-lover says Spice Girl's pet goat Phyllis watched them romp”

    Goats notwithstanding:ROFLMAO:, it turns out to be a rather heartfelt recount, ultimately. Also, he’s hot :sneaky::geek: Mel B's ex-lover says Spice Girl's pet goat Phyllis watched them romp EXCLUSIVE: Danny also said...
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    Ideas for Tour setlist/wardrobe/stage etc

    I worked way too hard on this. It is a bit long, but Kylie’s X Tour also had 28 songs, so I’m sticking to it! You can do it, Girls! :p:cool: Viva 4Ever: Spice World 2019 Act 1: “The next generation” intro/instrumental excerpt: Headlines Move Over Never Give Up On The Good Times Say You’ll Be...
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    ARTICLE Emma Relaunching her solo career through BMG Records

    Very much looking forward to hearing what she has to offer this time out! <3
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    Mariah Carey

    What in fresh hell!? #JusticeForGlitter :ROFLMAO:
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    Emma and Controversy

    I remember reading on Spice Universe or somewhere back in the day about a story involving some paparazzi catching her on a cigarette break on some video or photo shoot and her threatening to sue if the pic got published because “I have a clean image to uphold!” or something hilarious like that...
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    Big fan of the first two albums and the Unplugged record. Wonderful harmonies, and great blending of traditional sounds with pop songcraft.
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    #IWANNABEASPICEGIRL Comic Relief Campaign

    Zomg this tweet is awful and hilarious :ROFLMAO::LOL:❤️