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  1. RexySpice

    ARTICLE Emma Relaunching her solo career through BMG Records

    Very much looking forward to hearing what she has to offer this time out! <3
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    Mariah Carey

    What in fresh hell!? #JusticeForGlitter :ROFLMAO:
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    Emma and Controversy

    I remember reading on Spice Universe or somewhere back in the day about a story involving some paparazzi catching her on a cigarette break on some video or photo shoot and her threatening to sue if the pic got published because “I have a clean image to uphold!” or something hilarious like that...
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    Big fan of the first two albums and the Unplugged record. Wonderful harmonies, and great blending of traditional sounds with pop songcraft.
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    #IWANNABEASPICEGIRL Comic Relief Campaign

    Zomg this tweet is awful and hilarious :ROFLMAO::LOL:❤️
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    New Photo

    SO MUCH BETTER :love:
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    #IWANNABEASPICEGIRL Comic Relief Campaign

    The pic is so much more naturally Spicy than the tour poster! :love:
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    Who’s going where and when?

    London - June 15 - standing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As I said in another thread, I had my fill of up-close catwalk floor experiences at ROTSG, so I’m just happy to be there to witness closing night at at Wembley! :) (of course if I end up at another date with spice circle VIP tix i won’t fight against...
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    POLL How Many Shows Are You Going To?

    My bff got us standing at closing night at Wembley!!! I had floor seats at the foot of the catwalk for most of my ROTSG shows, so I’m just happy to be going!!!
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    ARTICLE The Guardian ranks “all 43” Spice Girls songs

    Their #1 is also mine :love: but some of their other commentary is rather disagreeable :mad: lol :geek: All 43 Spice Girls songs – ranked! As the Spice Girls reconvene without Easy V (she don’t come for free) for a...
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    APPRECIATION Happy birthday, JimmyLo!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMYLO!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! (And you should send “Wannabe Rhapsody” to the Girls now!) :love:
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    Celebrity Reactions

    Crazy that Chilli would post that! Wasn’t Emma quoted in the earliest days of Wannabe that TLC and Salt N Pepa were big influences!? If I were one of the girls I’d be so honoured!
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    Pick your Top 3 Mel B solo songs you want to see live at the 2019 tour...

    In Too Deep For Once In My Life Tell Me :LOL:
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    Pick your Top 3 Emma solo songs you want to see live at the 2019 tour...

    Free Me Life In Mono All That You’ll Be
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    FAN THEORY Cinema broadcast

    I would LOVE this for sure! Nothing like a fantastic concert film/stream in a theatre!!
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    Pick your Top 3 Melanie C solo songs you want to see live at the 2019 tour...

    Think About It First Day Of My Life Room For Love ...I’m generally sick of NBTSA and ITTY :eek:
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    L̶e̶s̶s̶ NO Champagne Rose, more Beautiful Game. :sneaky: