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  1. Andreas


    That face. What the actual fuck was wrong with the old one? She makes Dolly Parton look natural. Big mistake.
  2. Andreas

    Red hair again?

    Actually, Marge’s make-up there isn’t too far from Geri’s make-up at the 1997 MTV VMA’s.
  3. Andreas

    Emma and Controversy

    Nope. Still not getting it. But as I said, it’s fine. You’re excused. Some people need to be. You can’t help it.
  4. Andreas

    Role Call!

  5. Andreas

    Emma and Controversy

    Talk about completely missing the point. Not that I expected you would get it in the first place, so you are excused.
  6. Andreas

    Let's Share Our Spice Girls Pictures

    YAAAASSS I’ve been missing this thread so much!
  7. Andreas

    ANNOUNCEMENT Spice World 2019 UK Tour - Tickets on sale now / Cardiff on sale Friday

    I think tickets to any further U.K./Ireland and EU-dates will sell much slower than the U.K. dates originally announced. Their manager said 2020 for a possible extension of the tour, I think they would be better off to release these tickets just ahead of the U.K./Irish tour starts off, there...
  8. Andreas

    Emma and Controversy

    Emma had more success outside the U.K. than both Mel B and Victoria. Singles from her first album did chart, if I don’t remember incorrectly all of them charted in Sweden. And if you say Emma Bunton to people in all over Europe, they will know who she is. If you say Jamelia they will simply...
  9. Andreas

    Pick your Top 3 Emma solo songs you want to see live at the 2019 tour...

    This is so funny, back when it was released, a Norwegian journalist said the video looks like Emma is in the band, and not a solo-video. They also said the song sounds like an Emma-led Spice Girls track.
  10. Andreas

    Meet & Greet tickets??

    Isn’t the whole point of this tour to support the Belafonte Alimony Pony charity?
  11. Andreas

    Emma and Controversy

    Outside the U.K. Jamelia never amounted to much. Ask anyone.
  12. Andreas

    Emma and Controversy

    I can’t remember the Kelis incident specifically but apparently whatever it was, Emma confirmed it. Wasn’t there something going on between her and Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys also? Or am I mixing it with Justin? Funny about Amelia. At least Emma had a music career, and wasn’t just a...
  13. Andreas

    ARTICLE Music Week Article - 'It can inspire a new generation': Modest's Harry Magee talks Spice Girls reunion

    I really like that Universal is seemingly interested in doing something with the tour. That means they are definitely aware of a possible live DVD (hopefully Blu-ray), and perhaps even a live-stream of one of their Wembley shows.
  14. Andreas

    POLL Who has aged the best ? Who,s still spicy in 2018 x

    Geri. Then Emma. They still look like themselves. The other three had some work done that changed their appearance somewhat...
  15. Andreas

    Geri’s announcement outfit

    And who can forget Joel, who (off DenDen) stole a rather unflattering photo a fan had taken of Victoria and sold it to the press, eventually getting him banned from the forums. Those boobs seemed to live a life of their own.
  16. Andreas

    RUMOUR Spice Girls will be on X Factor UK?

    No Dancing With The Stars lip-syncing to a 20 year old track, PLEASE.
  17. Andreas

    The Union Jack dress

    Sadly not. There was no photo of the dress in the magazine with the competition, just a description of it. I’ll find it once I’m back in Oslo next week. It was up for debate many times on the original DenDen forums, no new information came from it though. Which is a shame, if it went into the...
  18. Andreas

    ANNOUNCEMENT Spice World 2019 UK Tour - Tickets on sale now / Cardiff on sale Friday

    Wow, I must’ve gotten early because on my first try I only waited for about 3-4 minutes. Then Ticketmaster fucked up the billing address thing and I had to start all over again.
  19. Andreas

    Spice World Tour 2019

    SIYWGF is such an underrated song! The album as well, imo it’s her best. It reminds me of George Michael’s Faith album. Very catchy, well written, well produced, fun, camp, tongue-in-cheek.
  20. Andreas

    Who’s going where and when?

    When I get home from London :p