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    Your thoughts on The Wall

    Will there be a hole in the wall?
  2. PopIsHotter

    Kylie Minogue

    She's golden!
  3. PopIsHotter

    RUMOUR Spice Girls set to announce Australian Tour next week?

    With the lack of new music, I think that would be it. I don't really feel that they are giving it all, when they just rely to their past hits (which they already have done in the last tour. After the tour, they would be on their own stuff again. Disappointing Spices.
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    Remembering: Prego Sauce commercial x

    There's no demand for new Emma Bunton music when she abandoned it for a decade.
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    New? ROTSG Professional Footage?!

    It should be released on blu-ray 4k hd.
  6. PopIsHotter

    New Music coming Feb 22nd

  7. PopIsHotter

    ARTICLE Billboard interviews with Simon Fuller

    Just record a new album.
  8. PopIsHotter

    Melanie will be appearing on RTL Chartshow

    Didn't watch but what was she promoting?
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    POLL Favorite song/s from Spiceworld

    Poor Denying.
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    Chart Updates (iTunes / Spotify etc)

    The demand is real!
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    PROMO Dancers for the UK Tour Wanted!

    I'll try to audition and show them my moves!
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    Chart Updates (iTunes / Spotify etc)

    Well its probably because they have solo priorities. Its not gonna be like in 1996 to 1998 in which they always did things as a 1 unit. And this why I'm not sure how things would be like after the tour is done. They are already not giving us new music for starters.
  13. PopIsHotter

    Chart Updates (iTunes / Spotify etc)

    Damn I'm so impressed with the Greatest Hits performance in the Uk Albums Chart! Imagine if they had done more promo or appearances last December.
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    RUMOUR Spice Girls to headline Glasonbury?

    Get that spot, Queen Kylie!
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    POLL Favorite song/s from Stages

    I know Him so well, a duet of the century with Emma Lee Bunton Spice!
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    POLL Favorite song/s from The Sea

    I don't wanna Think About It!
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    POLL Favorite song/s from This Time

  18. PopIsHotter

    POLL Favorite song/s from Forever

    Poor Oxygen, zero vote.
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    POLL Favorite song/s from Beautiful Intentions

    Next Best Superstar!