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  1. thom_bombadil

    APPRECIATION Back In Britain / end of SpiceWorld Tour '98 hair...

    Nope, it’s a greasy mess! :ROFLMAO:
  2. thom_bombadil

    Success without Victoria!

    I would rather Geri was there over Posh!
  3. thom_bombadil

    Remembering: Prego Sauce commercial x

    I can’t imagine her new stuff being successful, if I’m honest. Nonetheless, I want her to release it. I don’t think it’s about success for her anymore. A lot of ‘older’ artists do stuff like this for personal reasons, because it’s therapeutic, etc.
  4. thom_bombadil

    Success without Victoria!

    Surprised, but it’s exactly what I was hoping for. There’s an energy that the Spice Girls provide when they’re together. It’s like the world is a better place. Evidently, Victoria not being there doesn’t taint that energy at all.
  5. thom_bombadil

    Remembering: Prego Sauce commercial x

    Oi! People are entitled to an opinion. Be adult and accept that it may differ to yours. ;)
  6. thom_bombadil

    Help would be great!

    Help would be great!
  7. thom_bombadil

    All-male Spice Girls tribute...
  8. thom_bombadil

    Spice Girls reunion (in a hospital)

    I’m sure Geri mentioned Mel falling down the stairs during the last reunion, too. :eek::ROFLMAO:
  9. thom_bombadil

    ROTSG backdrops

    The full intro was definitely available and used to be on the Veneno website. There was also snippets of Goodbye, Holler, SUYL, I Turn to You and the full SUYL Reprise l. I remember somebody on Denden managed to rip them from the site and uploaded them to a file sharing network. I have a copy on...
  10. thom_bombadil

    There’s always one...

    Wow. :ROFLMAO: What an unreliable piece of sh!t this media outlet is, not that I expected any more or less. It’s annoying that someone always has to try and ruin the positivity.
  11. thom_bombadil

    There’s always one...

    This website has published an article saying that ticket sales have crashed and that Mel B is blaming Victoria for it. I can’t even access this website from the U.K. Says a lot. :mad:(n)
  12. thom_bombadil

    POLL Will VB join?

    Good riddance. She’s never been able to make up her mind as to whether she actually likes being a Spice Girl or not, even during the last reunion. As soon as I saw the shoot with GEMM, I was sold.
  13. thom_bombadil

    Tickets Exchange - Spice World 2019

    There are still quite a lot of tickets available for a few of the dates on
  14. thom_bombadil

    ROTSG backdrops

    I remember back in the Denden days there were links to download the tour backdrops in HD everywhere. I’ve searched the internet high and low and I’m really hoping someone here either has a download link or has them personally and can send them to me. Working on something exciting and it would be...