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  1. TrueFaith

    Brutally Honest - OPINION

    I like the way this book was written: close and honest, but personally, as a content I prefer “Catch Of Fire”. There are some parts which are uncomfortable about her personal details which, in my opinion, are not neccesary.
  2. TrueFaith

    ARTICLE Check out the Spice Girls’ latest post on Instagram/Twitter...

    They know how to create hype. All this looks really good and interesting. I’m really excited!
  3. TrueFaith

    Let's Share Our Spice Girls Pictures

    Correct @Andreas , but I was referring to music release (Album/single cover).;)
  4. TrueFaith

    New? ROTSG Professional Footage?!

    100% agree. I’m happy with the online stuff about this tour too. There are some people who are very obsessed asking about this over and over again since 2007, instead of enjoying what we currently have. I understand the nostalgia feeling about this tour for some fans (probably because for some...
  5. TrueFaith

    New? ROTSG Professional Footage?!

    As I can see in this footage (and what was leaked back then) is a mixture of different cities and countries, mostly from Madrid (Spain), December 23th 2007. It's really cool we finally can see more snippets of what they have in their vaults, but I'm not totally sure if there's a full show...
  6. TrueFaith

    Let's Share Our Spice Girls Pictures

    Thanks @Garbo ! They look really good in this photoshoot. Quite sad that they finally didn't used it for any official release back then. :rolleyes: