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  1. Fulvio84

    POLL Favorite song/s from Life in Mono

    I totally love Perfect STrangers
  2. Fulvio84

    Melanie will be appearing on RTL Chartshow

    I hope to get the video soon :D
  3. Fulvio84

    Alex Christensen, The Berlin Orchestra & Melanie C | Don't Talk Just Kiss

    love both tracks. I hope her covers album will sund like this
  4. Fulvio84

    Mel B injured—NYC signing cancelled! :o

    I hope this will not delay any of the tour dates bcs I already paid for tickets, flights and hotel :O
  5. Fulvio84

    ARTICLE Emma Relaunching her solo career through BMG Records

    This is such a surprise. I really hope will be a serious project and not just like MelB and Geri. Emma solo music is my fav after Geri's, so I am super happy bout it
  6. Fulvio84

    FAN THEORY CIN performance coming?

    ahahah yes, I tought the same
  7. Fulvio84

    Reunion Photoshoot

    I embraced them as 4 for this reunion but still cannot look at the official pics, it really miss 1 piece
  8. Fulvio84

    Chart Updates (iTunes / Spotify etc)

    So this week the streams improved a lot and it's easy to see a huge jump from 69, considering the downloads weer still a lot last week.... Could be very nice to break top20 again
  9. Fulvio84

    ciao a te

    ciao a te
  10. Fulvio84

    Ideas for Tour setlist/wardrobe/stage etc

    I feel they will ignore Forever apart of singles or not even them and focus on first 2 albums. Honestly I'd love a reworking of Right back at ya and if they really need to sing solo hits could be cool if they do as group, imagine spice girls singing Bag it up or somthing like that. Viva forever...
  11. Fulvio84

    PROMO Interview with Dan Wootton on Lorraine (Monday 12th November)

  12. Fulvio84

    Will We Get to Hear Geri Holler Holler?

    I hope they will not forget Forever and re-arrange some tracks with Geri but for some reasons I am quite afraid they will focus on their 1st 2 albums just adding Goodbye and maybe not even Headlines
  13. Fulvio84

    Which show are you going to? Check in here!

    London on 14th june
  14. Fulvio84

    FAN THEORY New Album?

    she is too lazy and insicure as solo artist do I really doubt but I wish we could
  15. Fulvio84

    How many ROTSG shows did you attend?

    considering I have to travel to UK with my sister too, I have been just at 1 show, exactly the 8th janury 2008 at O2
  16. Fulvio84

    IF they did release new music

    check how fast the tickets will sell today will set the next future for more tour dayes and music releases for sure! Honeslty a brand new GH is useless also bcs u can see how good the original one is doing at any time somethign is announced so for sure they will push for that one to sell more...
  17. Fulvio84

    FAN THEORY Possible 2nd dates in certain cities?

    I am very afriad to dont be able to got the tickets so if they will add new dates for real I'll be very happy and I hope they will not just stay in UK
  18. Fulvio84

    RUMOUR New Emma album?

    I am wondering bout this too... I'd love a new album from Emma, that's actually my fav after Geri. after the Spice girls tour could be the perfect time to release something, same for Mel C
  19. Fulvio84

    APPRECIATION Love & Light

    I love it a lot, so voted for maybe :D