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    ARTICLE Daily Mail: Melanie teaches her bf how to drive
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    ARTICLE Billboard interviews with Simon Fuller Looks like Spice Girls animated movie is happening!
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    Melanie will be appearing on RTL Chartshow

    She didn’t promote anything but she appeared on Alex Christiensen’s Compilation 90s orherstra album.
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    PROMO Dancers for the UK Tour Wanted!

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    Melanie will be appearing on RTL Chartshow

    Melanie will be appearing on RTL Chartshow on Jan 4th and will be performing Around The World. She also will be appearing on another German show sometimes in February. Both shows are pre-recorded.
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    Emma Bunton leaving Heart (morning show)

    She’s still doing Sunday show so she’s not leaving Heart entirely.
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    RUMOUR Spice Girls to headline Glasonbury?
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    New Shoot!

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    New Shoot!

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    New Shoot!

    Video from the shoot! I think it’s taken from Vogue magazine for January issue.
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    New Shoot!

    Close up thanks to Fenrik:
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    RUMOUR Spice Girls set to announce Australian Tour next week?

    Okay so, Mel B said on Australian breakfast show Sunrise while promoting Brutally Honest, that the girls will be touring throughout the UK first and then if the girls enjoyed it then they’d go on the world tour that hopefully including Australia! :) But I think it would be hard for them because...
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    Mel B and Emma Bunton at Heart Breakfast with Emma and Jamie

    Mel B was on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Emma yesterday while Mel is promoting her new book Brutally Honest which released yesterday.
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    27.11.2018: Melanie C and Mel B at Brutally Honest Launch Party

    I just love the 3rd pic! :love:
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    27.11.2018: Melanie at Mel B's Brutally Honest Launch Party

    See pics below:
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    ARTICLE Mel B’s Ex Opens Up about their Divorce (Daily Mail)
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    Iconic DenDen moments

    If I remembered correctly, there was a fight between Lizzy and Max Headroom and I can’t remember which thread was it. Then Dennis had enough and decided to put them in The Cage and asked if they have made up yet.
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    ARTICLE Melanie DJing at Mayfair Hotel (Daily Mail)
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    The Lion King remake trailer is here! :-)

    What do you think? :)