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    Congratulations! Me no after buying 6 tickets. At least I helped people. Now my only hope is that someone forgets payment of tshipment or doesnt want the vinyl and wait to a new raffle
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    Now time to wait what happens. According to Unicef during the next 2 days after closing tickets, winners will be receive an email.
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    PROMO New Album / Greatest Hits

    I see same problem as Melanie C for a GH album. First album from Virgin, second and third with 19, and now working with BMG.
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    Success without Victoria!

    For me it was a great surprise. Losing Victoria was a risk but finally everything was so perfect!
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    Album tracks for the 2019 tour

    I voted: Tell me why Love thing Right back at ya Never give up on the good times Move over Something kinda funny If you wanna have some fun If u can´t dance Lady is a vamp
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    RUMOUR Spice Girls set to announce Australian Tour next week?

    I hope now they can visit all cities forgotten during 2007-2008 tour, even for me Sydney and Hong Kong would be my first candidates
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    FAN THEORY Christmas Number 1

    I would love more a new track with him more than a remix
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    POLL Will VB join?

    Maybe she will go to a Wembley concert... but in VIP zone
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    FAN THEORY New Album?

    After leaking Man on the mountain I was waiting for a movement like Madonna did with Rebel Heart. After 2 weeks of leaks she decided to release 6 of the tracks officially on Itunes, and when in february was the second update she added 3 new songs.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Spice World 2019 Tour - Tickets on sale now

    Map from Dublin via Ticketmaster
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Spice World 2019 Tour - Tickets on sale now

    I was going to the premiere night and now I´m going to the fourth show o_O
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    IF they did release new music

    With an EP with 3 new songs I´m happy
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    I will be there too with 2 friends
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    POLL How Many Shows Are You Going To?

    At the moment Manchester (1st June)
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Spice World 2019 Tour - Tickets on sale now

    Map from Manchester, Bristol is the last one without map