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    Tickets Exchange - Spice World 2019

    Edit; gone now. I have 2 tickets to sell, both standing; Manchester 29th Manchester 31st Whatever I paid with fees.. £80 I think.
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    Tickets Exchange - Spice World 2019

    I have a normal standing ticket for Manchester on the 29th to sell! Looking for Spice Circle Wembley 15th. If I can find that, then I have Spice Circle to sell for the 13th.
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    How many ROTSG shows did you attend?

    7 I think. Vancouver, Las Vegas, Cologne and 4 in London.
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    Role Call!

    Name: Hanna Former DenDen Name: babymel Age: 34 Location: Las Vegas, NV (originally from Finland) Favourite Spice Girl: Emma